Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day one in Guangzhou

Well, as promised, I have taken the blogging reins from Frances... so here goes.
We have arrived. The journey was long... VERY long. We had a two hour delay in Tokyo... so four hours in a Japanese airport was somewhat taxing. Jian seemed to fair pretty well, though. He was content to play a matching video game in the children's lounge.
We got to the hotel and crashed! Waking around 2:pm local time. 

We have the day off so we just walked around Shaiman Island. We had "lunch" about 4pm at "Lucy's"... one of the few restaurants with american cuisine. 
Jain and Mama "cheesed it up" a little for the camera.

 We visited the White Swan hotel "our old stomping grounds". 

Jian doesn't seem to remember being there. I guess that's just as well.

We made the pilgrimage to a department store called Carrefour... apparently one of the "Wally world" equivalents in China.

Mama and Jian got a massage at a little booth in the store. Mama was very "impressed"... We bought a unit.

We are to get Clara Grace tomorrow at 2:30pm. We can hardly wait!


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Rebel said...

So glad you are there safe and sound... Today is the day!!! I will be checking back for updates this evening... can't wait to see your family complete!!!!

Cheers from Down Under! Rebel