Sunday, May 25, 2008

High Maintenance!

Flinty! That's what I'd call her... Flinty... or at the very least maybe high maintenance.
Clara Grace has not been the most cordial to her Baba... er... Daddy. She is most decidedly a Mama's girl. I try not to take it personal. I have, more recently, caught just a glimpse of a smile... but only when she is in mama's arms... and never when I am close.
Her demeanor toward me seems to be "You don't touch... I don't scream"... It's a delicate relationship for I can stumble and fall... she giggles. I come in drenched from one of the frequent rains... she smiles.
That smile, however, makes it all worth it!
But wait... I'm sitting here, blogging, and I look over at her and I give her a big "daddy" grin and... much to my surprise... a smile! without pain or humiliation on my part! Amazing! It made my day! Wait, let me take a picture:
There... Barely caught it!
Now I feel so much bet... Uh oh... there she goes... she just seemed to remember that I am "the enemy"... and fraternization is NOT supposed to happen.

Oh... Did I mention that Jian has earned the full title of outstanding big brother?
From the very start, he was helping and holding her hand. He tries to comfort her during her many... MANY tantrums... 
with little of no thought for his self preservation as he is well within striking distance. He seems to have a knack for knowing just what will calm
 her... he seems to instinctively know when she is hungry, wet or just MAD.
Here, he quietly approaches the clench-fisted-waterspout... er... crying baby and takes her small hand to lead her to the comforting arms of Mama.

I'll blog again soon. It's been a long day... Now... lets see if I can catch her off guard once again and get one of those precious smiles...



Melanie said...

She is beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see her.
Melanie,MaiLin & Gracie

PS Tell Jian way to go...

The Hilyers said...

That is right Daddy, act silly, that always gets a girls attention and makes her smile and laugh. It will probably how she picks her husband too, lol.
Melody (from Leizhoufamilies group)