Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still Here...

We are still here... STILL... It's been 4... 5... 7... 8... Uh... Well... TOO MANY days to be in a hotel room.
I love my wife.
I love my son.
I love my new daughter.
Just not all in the same room for SO LONG.
Thank goodness Papa John's Delivers!
Clara Grace is getting a LITTLE better at letting us take photos... If we take too much time, she breaks into a wail that alarm sirens cannot duplicate.
I held her for about 30 seconds yesterday without her protest... so last night I decided to give Frances a break from carrying her from the restaurant... that was the LONGEST five minute walk of my life... Clara Grace mad EVERY STEP MISERABLE... for everyone... within a 15 block area... She was setting off car alarms!
We are accruing toys at an alarming rate...  
We went to the toy market... 5 floors over eight square blocks. 
They have a "more realistic"
 series of G.I. Joe style action figures... Appearently it is called Modern BUTCHERS or something. Notice two Osama Bin Laden's and a Sadam Hussein.
No!  We are NOT collecting these.
The local shopkeepers are starting to emotionally FEAR Frances because she bargains so fiercely.
Today in the park, I was mobbed by a band of two-year-olds and was forced to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" on the guitar SEVEN times before they finally let me go.
We found Starbucks!
The coffee is STILL overpriced... even in Yuan!
Jian is becoming quite the photographer... He took this picture!

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